Morning Flow

Build a bit of heat to recirculate energy and release tension. We’ll focus on parts of the body that generally tense up while you sleep: shoulders, low back, hips, wrists, and feet. Leave feeling centred, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever your day has in store.

Suitable for all ages and athletic ability.

Vinyasa Flow

Move & Flow. Heat your body by synchronizing breaths with mindful movement. This Vinyasa styled class flows through postures by incorporating full-body strength, balance and stretching.

Available for all ages and athletic ability.

Power Flow

Stretch, strengthen and sculpt your body through a series of movements. This Power Flow yoga class is designed to build strength and endurance as you flow from one pose to the next. Built on the foundations of yoga, to raise awareness and mindfulness, while you connect movement & breath. A great combination of soul and sweat!

Happy Hips

Open & Release. A Hatha based practice focused on opening our hips and building mobility in our lower back. The function of our hips affects our day to day lives more than we realise. Between sitting, walking and sleeping – your hips convey the power for harmony and balance within your body and mind.

Suitable for all ages and athletic ability.

Embodied Yin & Meditation

Traditional & Modern. This class will blend Hanna Somatic movements with modern-day Yin yoga. The slow, subtle, and mindful pandicular movements of Somatics release muscle and postural tension patterns in a way stretching cannot by engaging the cortical functioning of the brain. The class will end with a final meditation on the Spiritual Heart to anchor the restorative, healing potential of this work into our whole being: body, mind, and spirit that is the essence of yoga.

Suitable for all ages and athletic ability.

New to This

First & Foremost. The beginners starting point. A combination of physical postures, deep stretches and mindful movement. Inhale & exhale as we feed our body the energy to take on the day.

Suitable for all ages and athletic ability.

Dosha Balancing Yin

Slow & Steady. This class comes from Kaula Tantra Yoga and involves a short warm-up of sun salutations or joint mobilization followed by longer held, passive “yin” like postures that are sequenced between savasanas and pranayama to balance all 3 Dosha’s (energies circulating in the body that govern health), ultimately balancing your whole body/mind system for optimum health

Suitable for all ages and athletic ability.